Managed Security

Workstation Monitoring and Patch Management
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Keeping your PC secure is a full time job...

Every small business must protect their network and data, but with fewer IT resources and a limited budget, security is often left by the wayside. Total security requires constant software updates, advanced virus protection, redundant data backup systems, and more. These services are essential for any small business to use their technology reliably and securely.

It's time to regain control of your business with Managed Security:

Enterprise level Patch Management, Managed AntiVirus, and Online Backup designed for the small business environment.  

How TOAST.net Helps

With Managed Security, your workstation is protected every step of the way. Our professional team provides the resources needed to keep your network in check, allowing you to focus on your clients rather than IT problems. See how Managed Security can help you:

  Managed AntiVirus

Today's threats from viruses, spyware, root-kits, and other methods may go undetected by the user. You need a centralized anti-virus system that manages all of your PCs. Managed AntiVirus provides you with a daily report on the status of every PC even if it's off-site. Get TOAST.net's state-of-the-art protection against malware to avoid devastating data loss and costly downtime!

  Patch Management

Keeping your PC updated with the latest updates and patches is time consuming. Patch Management keeps your software and operating system secure by ensuring updates are installed on your computer as soon as they become available -- automatically. Patch Management ensures your workstation can not be exploited by the latest threats.

  Online Backup

It's frightening to think that everything on your hard drive is a single malfunction away from being lost. Many businesses lack an effective backup and recovery plan. Don't gamble with the safety of your business data. Online Backup provides secure, off-site data backup automatically. Files are archived in off-site data centers, allowing easy online recovery in case of failure, theft, or disaster. You wouldn't use your car without insurance -- why treat your data any differently? Online Backup is your data's insurance policy.

We're Here For You

TOAST.net Managed Security is administered by a 100% USA based support staff! We understand that you want to focus on your business, not your network. TOAST.net is familiar with the challenges a small business faces -- let our experience work for you!

Our Expertise. Your Business.

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"Unpatched client-side software is currently the primary initial infection vector used to compromise workstations that have Internet access, and it often receives less attention than lower priority risks."
-- SANS Institute


TOAST.net's Daily Safety Check
ensures you are protected


"43 percent of small/medium businesses that experience major data loss never reopen. Every business needs to protect their data and make sure it can be recovered in case of disaster. Backups are an essential requirement in today’s world."
-- White Paper: Ensure Data Security With Online Backup


         What We Do For You

Remote Support 
TOAST.net's USA-Based technical support can take control when needed to correct patch installations remotely. No costly service calls nor maintenance contracts.
Vulnerability Assessment
Analyzes your workstation's state against known threats, making sure you are protected.
Asset Tracking
Keep track of hardware and software so you know what is being used and who is using it.
IT Administrators
Additional controls and features available to enforce network standards.
Patch Management
Outdated software is one of the main causes of workstation security problems. TOAST.net patches these vulnerabilities automatically.
Daily Health Check
Receive a daily status of your active workstations and software.
Virus Protection
Vipre AntiVirus adds active protection to your workstation, stopping viruses, spyware, and malware in its tracks.
Online Backup
Provides a last line of defense against devastating data loss. Backups are "hands free," and data recovery is a snap.