Mobile Hotspot

High-Speed Wireless with No Contract

A Mobile Hotspot from TOAST.net allows you to get high-speed Internet access almost anywhere in the United States. No-contract plans starting at $20/mo.

Use it when traveling or to replace your dial-up connection. Works in homes, airports, hotels, cars, boats, campgrounds, etc. No wiring or installation required!

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TOAST.net uses the Sprint® Network reaching
 more than 275 million people nationwide.

(Sprint is a trademark of Sprint Nextel.)

Mobile Hotspots


Click here to get a list of available Hotspots and promotions.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In need of a data plan but already have your own Mobile Hotspot?

Let TOAST.net reactivate your used and inactive Sprint-branded device on one of our data plans.

Call 419-292-2200 today to see if your hotspot is included in our list of supported devices.