G Suite (formerly Google Apps)

If you're a business or non-profit, you can purchase G Suite through TOAST.net and get many value added features, such as:

Google Cloud Partner
  • A smooth and customized G Suite migration experience
  • Individualized consultation and training
  • Google support escalation
  • Same price as buying directly through Google!

We've been helping customers move to G Suite since 2008 and have migrated over 20,000 mailboxes. We're headquartered in Toledo, OH but commonly serve customers throughout the country.

Our vast experience and knowledge of G Suite conversion ensures that your migration will proceed quickly and easily. TOAST.net will help plan your G Suite setup, and you will have comfort of knowing that your company is taking advantage of the finest messaging, collaboration, and security options available.

G Suite Features


30GB mailboxes branded with your domain name! Check your email from any Internet connection, your smartphone, or Outlook!


A powerful and easy scheduler with sharing capability. Integrates seamlessly with your Gmail. Share project calendars and sync with your smartphone or Outlook!


Read, write, edit, and collaborate office documents on the web. Collaborate on documents in real time. Access your documents anytime from any location!


Create a private Intranet for your office. Integrate announcements, calendars, documents, and procedures in one place for easy employee access.


Keep all your files in one place and always have the most up-to-date version wherever you are. Automatically sync files from your desktop and have access across your devices.

Apps Marketplace

An open source marketplace supplying Apps for all of your business needs. Add a CRM, accounting, or project management applications to your Google Apps platform.

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