Metro Ethernet

Fast Fiberoptic Connections

High-Speed Ethernet connections to the Internet are available in select areas of Northwest Ohio. All it takes is an inexpensive Linksys firewall/router to give every computer in your office access to the Internet.

We provide an Ethernet port in the wiring closet. You may have to run a cable if your firewall/router is not in the phone closet. Asymmetric connections come with a single static IP address. Symmetric connections get a subnet of 8 IPs (5 usable).

Email Marketing Easy Installation - No complicated T1 or DS-3 circuits or routers to configure.  All it takes is a standard Ethernet jack- as easy as connecting a phone line.
Email Marketing Inexpensive - Pay just one price for both the loop and the Internet access.  And we take care of dealing with the phone company.
Email Marketing Very High-Speed Connection - Compared to DSL and cable, Metro Ethernet can go faster and is available in symmetric speeds for faster uploads.  Down/upload speeds are available up to 100 Mbps.
Email Marketing Multi-year Discounts - Significant savings are available with 2-year and 3-year contracts.
  applicationsApplications: - Metro Ethernet's high speed and reliability let you host an email server or web site.  Create an Intranet for employees or an Extranet for customers or vendors.  Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to link branch offices and remote workers.

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